South Carolina

South Carolina

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Since being stuck in the house(other than to go to work), I have been catching up on some reading. i posted a week or so ago about a book called "Soul of a Horse". Fabulous!!!! I have purchased the sequel in the Kindle edition, "Soul of a Horse Blogged". I haven't started reading yet but maybe this afternoon since I have nothing better to do. I did read another book though that someone recommended to me. The book is a true story about a woman name Susan Richards in New York. Its called "Chosen by a Horse". OMG!!! Devastatingly beautiful book. I was in tears yesterday when I finished it. I dont mean just a tear in the eye thing, but openly sobbing for her and her horse. I have never had a book rip my heart out like this before. She tells her story of losing her mother to an illnes at a young age, to being jostled from one family member to another and the abuses that she endured, to a drinking problem and a miserable marriage, to a horse that captured her heart and helped her heal from the inside out. If you get the chance to read this, make sure you have tissues near by.  Susan, if you ever read this blog, my admiration to you. You are a beautiful person.

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