South Carolina

South Carolina

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Making Headway

So this is a pic from 2 weeks ago but its still me and Brio. As my headline reads, I am making headway. This past week was an interesting week to say the least. I will start with the weekend. My husband and I are looking into getting our pistol permits. I know what your thinking but I hate bringing up the fact that #1), Its my right to own and carry if I so wish. #2) There are people (and I use the term loosely) that feel they can have what you have and it doesn't matter if you say yes or no. #3) These said people will kill you for the lousy $3.00 in your pocket or the sneakers on your feet and they have no remorse what so ever. Look at what the 2 freaks did to Dr. Petites family here in Ct. 2 little girls burned alive for nothing. I live 4 miles from where a string of 8 break-ins on one street has occurred. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have worked hard for what little I have and theses losers think they don't have to work for anything. I am taking no chances with my life or my families.  Anyway, I will get off my soap box.                                                                           So we had a bad experience at Center Sports in Columbia. If I am walking into your store to buy something, don't treat me like I am stupid and don't talk directly to my husband and say nothing to me. As my friend Sue said " I write the checks moron. You should be making me happy!" So we left this particular store and I was disgruntled and second guessing my decisions. We then went to Montville, to a store called The Outpost. Walked in the door and there stood Carol (half owner of the store). She spoke to me, not Mike, Me!. I Felt comfortable and relaxed and now wasn't second guessing myself. When we left, not only were we signed up for her ( yes she is the instructor) class, but I have found the piece I want to carry. This was on Friday.

   Saturday was rough. I now have Bursitis in my left hip from my falls.  Beautiful day out, perfect for a ride and I am in pain and can barely walk. Sunday turned out better. I could walk, it was another beautiful day, so I packed up my saddle and went to the farm. I got Brio saddled up, didn't have to ask for help cinching him, and went to the ring. All was good till I tried to get on him. He wouldn't stand for me to save his life. After 6 spins around him with the step, I gave up and put him back in the field and went home totally frustrated. No, I didn't go back even though Mike said he would go with me. I was too angry and didn't want Brio to feel that. So I told Melissa what happened and she said we would fix it when I came for my lesson on Thursday. Fast forward to Thursday. I learned how to keep the little bugger still, although still fighting me, but my lesson went well and since I am no longer on lead line, I cantered him for the first time. I was shaking like a leaf but it was fun. He is in no way shape or form smooth like Belle ( she is 16.1hh). But as I get better at this, my rides will get better and easier. Sorry its taken so long to post but I have been working and so busy I haven't had time. 

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