South Carolina

South Carolina

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Few Months Late

I am alive..... sort of.
 I have been on a quest to survive. Things here are better but not really. Hubs still out of work, I'm still working myself to death. Its been an interesting few months into the New Year. This month has been the worst in my eyes, especially this last week. On Monday the 9th of April, my 20yo son left for boot camp. United States Army. He is in Fort Sill OK right now. He is my only child and I miss him terribly. I watched my baby leave and when I see him in 9 weeks he will be changed into a man I don't know. The tears are still falling and my heart aches. The tornado's missed Lawton OK but still scared the day lights out of me. 
 On Friday the 13th it was the day from hell. I went to the barn to ride Reggi and found out that his ribs are out and I cant ride him till the chiropractor comes on the 30th. We were supposed to be at our first show on the 15th and we had to scratch. I didn't think it was a good idea to ride if he was in pain. 
 When I got home, the hubs and I were talking on the front lawn and didn't notice that the dog chased a bird out into the street. The dog was hit and he is ok. He has scratches and a muscle pull but that's all, thank God. 
While trying to catch the dog, I wrenched my foot and ankle, ending up on crutches. So the dog and I are limping around together.
  Western Dressage has taken off up here in New England. The club I started is slowly getting members but with the economy the way it is, I'm surprised and happy with who ever we get. 
 I'm hoping May will be better. I have had enough of crap.

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