South Carolina

South Carolina

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014..May You Rot..

2014 has not been a good year. It started with a lie and ended with a show. The lie came with people we thought were friends. The lie started before we left Florida and ended when we moved out. I will not go into detail as that is not right to bash people here nor in public. The truth will come out one day.

My riding went in to a tail spin after leaving TR in May. I only left due to finances and his time being unavailable due to his show schedule. I have been to a few barns and after my BF found the one she did, I have finally landed at a good place. My discipline's have changed. I am no longer riding Dressage due to unable to ride a sitting trot without causing pain in my back. I am able to ride Hunt seat and to Jump without an issue.

I lost over 15 lbs over the summer only to gain it back before the holidays. I am determined that this year will see that 15, plus, come off.

In August we lost our beloved fur baby Nakota. I will tell you that this had an extreme affect on me and I have not gotten over it. I miss him so much and I cry for him when I think of him. He was plagued by seizures from 6 months old and they finally took him at 6 yrs old. He was a puppy at heart and mind and my love.

We moved into a place I would not wish on any one. I cant wait to move out of here. There is one place I would love to live but we may not be able to do so until 2016.

We have a new fur baby. His name is Winston and he is a Jack Russel cross. He is 6 months old and had been used as bait dog in the dog fighting ring. How he survived is beyond me. He is a love bug who just wants to play and be Daddy's shadow.

2014  has been miserable to say the least with a couple of bright spots. I'm glad its over.

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