South Carolina

South Carolina

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Change Is a Constant

If there were a more truer statement I couldn't find one to replace it.
Yes I am still riding and yes its still Brandon. We have been progressing fantastically over the last 5 months. He is a great horse and my love muffin. We have a great connection and a very strong bond.

This was from a fun photo shoot last month. We looked so great. Cant wait for more pics when we start showing. However that will be closer to 2017 than this year. We are so not ready for that.  I also have another horse to play with .

His name is Boo. He comes from the same farm and he is handsome too.

Change seems to plague all of us but I think I am its target. We are moving yet again. We will be staying in this town. We love Camden. We will be settling again about 6 miles from where are now. Nice neighborhood. Brick house with a gas stove and 3 bedrooms. We can have a garden if we want one. So we are happy about this. We have been told we can stay as long as we want. I will be about 5 minutes further from Brandon but its ok. 

This past December was my 14th wedding anniversary and this coming year we will be renewing our wedding vows at the farm Brandon is at. Should be a lot of fun. Our 2nd honeymoon is in the works with a cruise to the Eastern and Western Caribbean. 14 days is planned.

I will try to keep up with this better but please don't count on it. I seem to say that and it never works out.

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