South Carolina

South Carolina

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Farm

The stable that I go to is very nice. 3 barns,2 large and a small. A lot of turn out area, a riding ring,  and a very warm bathroom in the main barn. Its a great place to come to. It is situated in center Columbia and has 3 stables down the street. There is a crazy Lab named Gabe. Its winter here as most of you know and the teenage girls that spend every waking moment at the farm are all in school. Weekends are another story right now.
  I have met a few of them. Rachel, who is a friend of my son Cody ( they were in class together @ RHAM), Sam, and a few others that I have met but I cant for the life of me remember all their names yet. I met May, Kelsy, and Joy yesterday. Kelsy owns Bell a 16hh mare Paint. Joy takes lessons on my Louis. She definitely knows how to handle him. She also looks like she is 17 years old and I could have made her day any better with that. Then of course, i cant forget my first intro....Rosemary. Rosemary is this sweet older women who leases Earl. She rides dressage too. She is so kind and a loving auntie to Earl.
  Then there is Melissa and Crystal. Melissa is the owner of this little piece of paradise. She is one of the sweetest people I have known in a long time. Always there for those girls, without question. She treats me real well and is fun as an instructor. I can here her voice " Kim, breath!" ...".thrust that pelvis!"  Crystal, is also a great person. I haven't had her as an instructor yet as to I will start with her when I am ready to do dressage.
 There is no indoor riding ring yet. They are in the works with it. Due to this wonderful economy that we all are in a tailspin in, financing something of that caliber in no easy task. They have told her yes and turned around and said it was a leisure thing. If they could only look outside the financial part and see what this leisure does for so many, i think they would see something prosperous. If you are interested in learning how to ride or you have a horse you need to board, give Melissa a yell. You will be pleased.

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