South Carolina

South Carolina

Monday, December 20, 2010

Window shopping, you could say

Every night, either while I have down time or at home and bored, I surf the web for my horse. I have found plenty of them but either they are way out of my price range or they aren't an all around horse or they are half way or more across the country. I have even found some that are half way around the world.
Across the country is one thing. Last night I found a Clydesdale x Friesian. $6000.00 and in NC. She is beautiful as you can see. Her name is Dukes English Rose, also known as Abby. She is not only beautiful but makes gorgeous babies. She is 17.3hh. I would love to own her. It would be like riding a couch. How can you not fall for that face.
  Then I was looking at Lusitanos to see what the breed looked like. OMG!!! I found a stallion I would die to have. He is so magnificent that just his looks alone would win awards in my book.

So whats a girl to do. Well as you all know, I have my deal to stick to. I have to save my money. I can window shop though, and imagine my horse in his dressage best. I can see him nudging me for his treat and hear him whinny at me from the pasture as he comes cantering up to the fence to say hello. Dreams are good but reality will be so much better. Back to shopping.

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  1. Did Santa come early? beautiful saddle... lovely blog.

    love you cousin... cathy combies