South Carolina

South Carolina

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Girls Dream Horse

As a preteen I didn't have all the luxuries that most of the kids I knew from school or the family that I had. My cousin lived in Manchester and was one of those that could walk to the convenience store that was down the street. Here in Andover, there was no convenience store and if there was it was at least 2 miles away from home.
 When I was 11 or so, my uncle bought his family a Beta machine. You know..pre VHS. One of the first movies he bought was The Black Stallion.
Every time I went to visit I had to watch. I was hooked. A movie about a horse. I had watched reruns of Roy Rogers and Trigger, cowboy movies with John Wayne and his many steeds, but this was special. A child no older than me, getting ship wrecked on a island with a magnificent horse.
 I could see myself riding him on that island. My cousin would get so mad at me for not wanting to go out and play. You couldn't bother me when that movie was playing. The musical score was perfect and as I got older, it made me cry for the good parts and the bad.
 I am apparently not the only one that cries during the movie. I have a friend at work that every time she watches this movies she is a wreck too. It is a beautiful movie and was filmed in some very stunning places.
 I watched it the other night ( yes I own a copy on VHS) and was curious what had happened to some of the actors in later life. Per a few GOOGLE sites, Kelly Reno ( Alec) never really did any acting after The Black Stallion Returns. He was injured in a car crash and now drives an 18 wheeler. Mickey Rooney( Henry Daily) still acts on occasion.
 This is the sad part, get your tissues out. Cass Ole ( our beloved Black Stallion) continued to make a few movies before being put out to stud. He sired a multitude of foals and fillies and in 1993 he said goodbye to the world. He had severe colic and was put down. Such a sad way for a life that made so many happy, to end. RIP beautiful one.

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