South Carolina

South Carolina

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Can

In my minds eye, I can see my dream horse.  He is a gelding, at least 16.3hh - 17 hh. He is muscular and in one of 3 colors. I am partial to Buckskins but will take a dark bay or a chestnut. I see him in his tack all dressed up for the Grand Prix for Dressage. I know big dreams but with so many of mine dashed thru out my life, its my dream and I'm sticking to it. I may never make Grand Prix but I will try to get there.
 So with that in mind, I have to save my money to afford what I'm looking for. I have emptied Mikes coffee can into his canister. On the outside of this coffee can, I have duct taped the top on and cut a hole like a piggy bank. On the duct tape it says " Don't open until I am at $6000.00." I have $11.00 in it so far. $5989.00 to go. I wish i could win the lottery. Well we will see what happens. I have a deal to hold. Finances here have to be cleared in order for this to happen. I have a schedule and it says May.

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