South Carolina

South Carolina

Monday, December 13, 2010


       Buying a saddle is no easy or affordable task. First what type of saddle will you need, how big should it be, will it fit the horse, will it fit me. Some many things you have to consider before you drop the money. I on the other hand am trying to do this without breaking the bank right now. At Equine Affaire there were so many saddle dealers that I was so overwhelmed on what brand to buy. Of course you have to sit on them to get the feel that you are comfortable with. I found my dream saddle and it is made by Wintec. I sat on this brown, all suede, all purpose saddle. I didn't want to get off of it. It was so comfortable and has the CAIRN air panels in it. OMG it was terrific.
The woman working there, said it was only $899.00. ONLY!?! My husband just looked at me and then said I needed to step away from the saddle. I was heart broken. Mike is pretty easy going with me. He spoils me when he can and usually never says no. I think in 9 years of marriage he has said no 3 times. So the answer was no and we thanked her for my temporary comfort. It is a gorgeous saddle and when money is better, then I can have one. I have been looking though and I think if I play my cards right, I can find one cheaper with a discount that some of these stores give out when you sign up for emails from them. My dream saddle isn't such a dream anymore. 
On a Sunday 2 weeks ago, I was able to ride on an Wintec dressage saddle that a friend of mine was trying out. Fantastic saddle for a synthetic with no suede on it and used. I loved it. Posting was easier for me too. Unfortunately the owner wants $300.00 for it and if I'm right, it wont take long for her to sell it. So that night after I got home, I sat down to my laptop and opened up Ebay. 
There are so many people selling items that it takes quite a while to find something your interested in and then hope your bid wins. So while looking I stumbled upon a black dressage saddle in the size for me that I needed . It also came in a medium tree which will fit Big Lou. On the page it said $100.00 or BO. It came with stirrup straps, irons and a green blanket. I sent an offer in and within 5 min received an answer. So with my pay pal, I sent out $75.00. This saddle is almost brand new. You will see it at the top of the my page with my crazy cat Jocelyn, who apparently is an ham for the camera.

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