South Carolina

South Carolina

Monday, January 10, 2011

Natural Horsemanship

I have been reading a book by Joe Camp. He is the man responsible for all those Benji movies (not any of which did I like but that's my opinion). This on the other hand is different. This man came into the world of horses at a later time in his life, along with his wife. Its not that he is an older gentleman, but the way he went about it. He researched the horse, to find out how they live, learn, trust and respect one another. I am totally impressed with this book. Joe talks about how to let the horse choose you and becoming part of your horses herd. I am so taken by what he has said. It has made perfect sense to me and I am now a firm believer in Natural Horsemanship.
 I have never heard of a horse being barefoot. That concept has never even crossed my mind till now and it actually makes sense to me that they should be. Would you like your high heeled shoes, sneakers, or work boots permanently attached to your feet? You would never know what the ground feels like under you. In the wild, horses don't have shoes and apparently research on this has found that, get this, horses not only become lame less but also live longer. Hmmm. Why? because some human isn't screwing them up. We put shoes on them and that stops the natural way the frog pumps blood back into the leg. Circulation is key just like for you and I. Every time a horse puts its hoof down to step the circulation is pumped back up the leg. Circulation is important in all living things. So why put shoes on your horse that will stop this from happening?  Well to protect there hoofs from gravel, pavement, cement, hard packed ground. There is ways around that too with out putting shoes on them. Read this book if you get the chance. It is an easy read, nothing boring. I think you will enjoy it as much as I have been. My horse, when I get him, will be with out shoes and I will make sure he chooses me, instead of me choosing him. This book has changed allot of thinking for me. I want whats best for my horse, not whats best for me. Riding is one thing, but when your horse is lame or you don't click with him, whats the point of riding. Not so enjoyable then. I cant wait till I can get Joe's next book.


  1. Nice hun. Always researching. I'm sure your horse will be the best kept out there. Love u