South Carolina

South Carolina

Saturday, June 11, 2011

And It Goes On

     My days have been the same as any other day lately. No real changes. Still no work for the hubs. I am riding a different horse right now though. I have been riding Belle. She is a 16hh Paint. She is beautiful and smart as a whip. I wish I could afford to buy her this fall but $8000.00 is just a bit more pocket change than I have. So my hunt continues. I have to find a horse who is at least 15.3 hh to 16.1hh. Sorry, I have a thing for tall horses. I am also looking for a Buckskin with all the black points or a nice Medicine Hat Paint. There are 2 that I have found but are not for me due to training issues and conformation issues but here they are. They are beautiful and I would love to find something as close to them as possible. In the mean time I still get to ride Belle and Brio for now. Next weekend is my next show. I am not sure who I am riding yet. I asked to ride Brio but who knows how things will go this week and maybe it will be Belle.  Either way I will have a good time.

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  1. Keep up the hunt for your horse. They show up when you least expect it. Good luck at your show next weekend. Looking forward to hearing about who you ride and how you do. :)