South Carolina

South Carolina

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours Horses...

As you know I am looking for my own horse. Even with all the obstacles in my way right now I am still looking. I will not give up with out a fight!!!!

 So, 2 weeks ago while at work I had a patient who came in after a fall off her horse. She was concerned that she looked silly at her age. I had to laugh and proceeded to tell her what I have been up to since November. She looked at me and I was her instant friend. She asked if I had my own horse and of course you all know what I told her, NO!!. Her friend/bf/hubs (not sure which), said to her "Why don't we give her Zoey?" I looked at them and said of course, "Who's Zoey?" They proceeded to inform me they had a reg. Solid Paint mare that they were trying to find a home for because they are raising Arabians and they don't have time for her anymore. She hasn't been ridden in a year. Needless to say, I didn't see them before they left and missed out on my chance to see this horse, or so I thought. This past Thurs, she came back and I didn't recognize her until she said to her daughter," this is the woman we want to give Zoey too." I asked if I could go see her and I got all the info. Friday I met Zoey. Beautiful 15.2hh mare, all chestnut except her star on her forehead and one sock. She is sane and sound. I took Melissa with me for her expert opinion. Melissa liked her but ...yes there is a but in here....its me, why would that surprise anyone. She needs training in order to be ridden . Hmmm. I don't have $950.00 a month x3 months. So the answer back at Melissa's kitchen table was.. No. Financially, I cant train her. I had told the woman that I would call her Sunday to let her know if I was going to take Zoey or not.
  In the mean time I had a decent weekend and Sunday morning I received an email from a man on Craigslist about his horse that I made an inquiry about over a week ago. He informed me that the sale of his horse fell thru and he wanted to know if I was still interested. Tommy is a MEDICINE HAT PAINT!!!  Yes that what I said...15.3 hh, broke western, has professional western pleasure points, has tons of show experience. He is 12 yrs old. Perfect right?....NO!!! He wants $2000.00 or negotiable. I don't have that either. I called Melissa and sent her the email pics anyway.
 No more than 10 min after I hung up with her, she called me back and informed me that she has a girl who she trained in Glastonbury and this kid is off to college and needs a place to board her horse and that its a 15.3hh paint, who is western broke, neck reins, the works. Something that may be up my ally.
  So I called Zoeys mom back on Sunday night to let her know my decision. She informs me that her daughter and her discussed me after we left on Friday and that they are going to put mileage on Zoey and get her closer to where I need her to be and when I am ready and she is ready, I can come and get her if I am still interested. I was floored. I thanked her profusely and she said she just had a feeling that day at the hospital that I was perfect for Zoey. She said she was in no rush to get rid of her and that I can still have her later.
 So when it rains at my house, it pours. Where is my damned umbrella!

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  1. Keep your head raised to the skies and take in those rain drops. The right horse will come to you and when it does you'll know it. Keep us posted!