South Carolina

South Carolina

Friday, October 7, 2011

Life is half way good.....

              I haven't been this happy since I married my other half. I have fallen for a golden haired boy with long legs, a fuzzy nose, and blond mane. Reggi is everything I have wanted in a horse and then some. He is a love muffin. He loves attention and treats, in fact he now walks up my Jeep and knows exactly where in the blue plastic tote that his treats are. He is completely western broke. A total dream to ride when he is behaving. I have to learn that in the ring is work time and when out of the ring its kissy face time. I did something yesterday that was quite interesting. I walked away from Reg to see what he would do. he followed and stopped where I did. So I did it again, and again he followed. Melissa had me continue this stating that this is where he has to learn manners. No bumping into me when he stops at my shoulder, no walking in front of me. He did well but could do better. Practice will come each day I am with him.
  The blacksmith came this week too. No the greatest news but could have been worse. The blacksmith that was doing his shoes for the past 2yrs is an idiot. I will show you why.....

                                                                  This is before. His hoof is too long in the toe.
                                                       This is after and with a new shoe on
                                                                   Comparison view....
 He feels much better with his new trim and shoe. His walk, jog, and lope are now with out a funny feel. He will be in these new shoes for a year. He has dropped souls too. So inside the shoe is a piece of leather that protects his hoof from stones.
 New blanket this week too. I ordered a Orcan Freestyle Weatherbeeta for him. It looks fantastic on him and being the ham that he is....

                                                                      He stuck his tongue out at me while taking his pic..He is so cute!!

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