South Carolina

South Carolina

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hard Days..

Its been a rough couple of days for me. I went to the new barn, mind you that is not my problem. I miss Reggi so much. I looked at all those horses there and there was 1 out of the bunch that had Reggis eyes. Big, soft, gentle and warm.  His name is Luke and he is a Grey Andalusian. He loves kisses and attention in general.
 I hate that Reggi had to leave and it rips my heart out when I talk about him or think about him. I have had dreams about him lately and I cant find him. I wake up crying. I thought this was going to get easier but it seems to be getting worse. I want to buy another but I keep measuring everything I see to Reg. This is why its so hard for me....

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  1. Hi Kim - It is just sucky when you must sale a horse you love. It's like giving away part of your soul, I know - I've been there.

    Two suggestions that helped me.

    1. Go back to that barn and pick out three that horses that call to you vs only one that reminds you of Reggi. Groom all three, take them for walks, spend time with them. Ride them all if you feel comfortable doing so. Riding at a barn, making new friends, etc., will help the pain.

    2. Seek out an Equine Rescue facility nearby (if possible) and drive out and donate some of that big, kind heart of yours to those less fortunate horses. You know your way around horses, bet they'd welcome your help.

    What you did for Reggi, finding him a good home where he is well taken care of and loved was the upmost in loving your horse. He would be grateful for what you did and want you to move on and go forward with the experiences you both shared.

    Hang in there...its going to get better (truly, it will). I'll be checking on you... :)