South Carolina

South Carolina

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lessons, Lessons, Lessons....

As promised, I am posting about my lessons. I started last Monday and not only did I impress myself but I showed my new trainer what I could do. What I thought I could do and what I did are 2 different things. I have been told in the past, you will go through trainers until you find the one that makes you get it. I have found her. In no way am I stating the other were not good. I am stating that this one makes it easier for me to understand as an adult. I didn't start lessons as a child and it makes a big difference. I grew up learning how to keep from falling off but no official lessons that I wanted.
Anyway, I was completely pleased with myself on the first day and have been continuing  to please myself since. I have had no frustrating days. If I don't get it my trainer goes over it again until I get it. She shows me the moves from the ground. I think she has figured out that I am a hands on rather than brainiac.
 My trainer is Patricia Woodrow. She is a "L" judge and USDF Bronze medalist in Dressage. She has been there and done that and is not a snooty person. She is down to earth and believes that all people who want to learn to ride can be taught and it doesn't matter the size or age. I have some older women who ride at the farm and who also show.
 Lessons are 2x a week. She is 45 min. north of me in Mims Florida. Great little place with lots of trees. The ring she uses is regulation size. Its very quiet there. The noisiest thing there is the geese and ducks that she has as pets. They only make noise if she is near or there is a stranger around. I honestly think they could be more vicious than a dog. They are cute though. Here are some pics that my hubs took.

The horse I'm riding is Legs. She is a beauty. She has 1 eye due to something that happened a while ago. The first set of pics is from last night. I am doing so much better than I thought I would. I can post in the saddle with no hands on the reins. I can sit the trot without my feet in the stirrups and not feel like I'm going to fall. My balance is getting better every lesson. I am happier than before but not quite where I want to be yet. I know it will be a while before I am. I will on the other had, work for it. 


  1. Looking good Kim! So happy you're doing what you want and you found someone to get you where you want to go!! It looks beautiful there! Wish we had a little of FL temps to get me back in the saddle sooner! Chris

  2. Awesome!!!!! Ohhhh, I cannot WAIT to hear more! :)