South Carolina

South Carolina

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Good New All Around..

Its been over a month now since I posted but all is well. When we left Connecticut there were some issues we had to deal with. Fortunately the problems have started resolving themselves slowly.
Our house was going into foreclosure and it has alot of issues. We received a letter in the mail from a company that said they would buy the  house, flip it, and rent it out. It sits on a major road and its 1/2 hour to  Hartford and 1 hour to Providence RI.  So that is appealing to people who are in major businesses. Jump on Rt. 6 and you don't have to get off anywhere. Well it happened and its no longer over our heads. No more bad credit reporting from the mortgage company.

Then we did your taxes. We have owed for the last 5 years and some was paid. We did our taxes this year and we don't owe! In fact we are getting money back, all though it is a small amount. We are almost done with wheat we owed too!

Now for the great news....
Beau is no longer being leased ...that means I can start leasing him!
So excited!!!

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