South Carolina

South Carolina

Sunday, August 3, 2014


I am getting really bad at posting here. I have been working and dealing with some personal issues at home so I apologize.
  Ok on to some good news and bad news. Lets start with the bad and as we all know you always "end on a good note".

 I have not been riding with TR since end of May. He and his wife (Christine ranks, last I knew, 3rd in the nation in English Equitation), are on the road alot showing. They spend quite a bit of time out of state so I have had to find a barn that is closer to home. I have, in fact, tried 2 places and looked into 2 more. I can tell you beware of backyard trainers. Not all are bad but some should not be allowed to instruct. One place we looked at , the woman was actually sitting at a table outside of the barn door smoking and drinking. For those horses sakes, I hope the FD will get there before they parish. One place was just run down and too many horses in a small pasture. I had one lady who called my and informed me that she could teach me but that from the hoof to the tacking up, it was going to be her way or the highway. On this point I agree with some of that statement but at least let me step into the barn and see what I know before you slam me with your rules. She had an attitude immediately on the phone before I got "Hello" out of my mouth. I tried another place and they were awesome people but again they are a show barn and would be gone a lot and they weren't really a lesson barn. They made an exception because I was riding with TR and they know him. I am grateful for that, Thank you Angie and Kory Merril!

I began to worry that my  riding was over. It cost alot of money to drive 2 hrs one way, take a lesson and drive back. In there is also at least 2 meals for 2 people( my husband is like an American Express card, I don't leave home with out him). So I was spending close to $800.00 a month. I really had no choice but to cut it down to once a month after I had to replace my Jeep. Car payments suck when you haven't had one in 8 yrs.

I did get a lead 2 weeks ago and I will not be looking back. I have found the perfect place for me. The name of the equestrian facility is White Haven Plantation ( Its 45 min from where we live. Lessons are priced well and the trainers are certified instructors. Ashly instructs all disciplines and specializes in hunter/jumpers. Tay is an all around kind of guy, that has his heart( like mine) in Dressage and is certified to teach up to second level and that will change this fall when he goes for his Third level.  I have been informed that I am no longer an advance beginner but that I am an intermediate rider. Yeah for me! They have a couple of outdoor rings including a dressage ring and an indoor that I love.  I take 2 lessons a week right now and maybe when money gets better it will go to 3 lessons a week. We shall see. All I know is I am doing what I want (Dressage) and will be learning the correct way to jump by some pretty awesome people.
 Oh and on another good note...I have dropped 13 lbs so far and it continues to come off.

This first pic is of Ashly and I with Scooter

This one is of Dixie and I last night. She tested me the entire lesson.

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