South Carolina

South Carolina

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Practice Makes ....

I know I have been slacking. I have been on the busy side and have lots to share.

First and lessons with TR have been amazing to say the least. I have only gotten better. No more 2 steps forward,  6 steps back. I am real happy about the posting though. It has been a challenge that accepted fully and have over come. My heels are so far down that now I understand why other riders don't lose their stirrups, where I was coming out of mine all the time. My calves are quiet, in other words, they don't move when I post. I have learned how to do the 2 point position. Not easy when you are top heavy. Balance is getting better with that. Steering was also an issue. I wanted to go one way and Copy or Tennessee went where they wanted. Now its where I want to go only.  Here is a video of Copy and I, per TR we were perfect in every way ...except I was on the wrong diagonal. He didn't stop my lap to tell me because he didn't want to discourage me. This is the first video of my posting and by the way it has gotten better since this. : )

I spent some money recently and purchased my first English saddle. It is a Marcel Toulouse, Dennise, DL,  Genesis. It is Chocolate Brown colored and I love it! At least I will love it when I get to actually ride in it. I have had it since 2/26 but haven't been able to get to the barn due to my trainer being away for shows and the weather. So hopefully it will come soon. This is what it looks like...

It is the most comfortable saddle I have ever sat it. My dressage saddle will be sold if this one works out the way I think it will.  

 I haven't gotten rid of my Western show stuff yet due to I may try my hand at Trail class. At least I wont have to buy anything.

I am not happy about buying English show clothes. I am not a small person by any means. I have dropped 10lbs since riding with TR, and it continues to fluctuate up and down. The holidays killed me. However I have a goal. I have bought my show breeches and they are 2 sizes to small. I also paid nothing for them. I had a credit at Smartpak and the shipping was free. I will get into them! I have done that before and I wear that pair all the time. Show coats on the other hand are going to be a PIA. I have shoulders like a line backer and top heavy. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do with out having surgery and well that means 12wks out of the saddle. Not an option. I have a lead though on a lady that makes clothes and I work with her daughter. I will go see her when I can. She might be able to make the shirt for me too. Show coats in my size are super expensive. 

Here is a pic of Copy and I when I first started riding him. He looks like a wooley mammoth  but is starting to shed out now. You wouldn't believe he is 23 yrs old! He has the forwardness of a 15yr old. He is a great ride. Very smooth and lots of suspension.

Hopefully show season will start sometime this summer. When TR thinks I am ready he will let me know. He wants me to be able to go into the ring and own it. No nervousness, no wanting to puke. Ride into that ring and make the Blue ribbon mine. Until then, its practice, practice, practice.


  1. Babe Im happy I can share alk this with you if even from the other side of the ring fence. Its awsome we can make your dream come true for you. Enjoy that saddle; for what it is worth it should ride itself. Love you

  2. Awesome! LOVED your Post and look forward to what this spring/summer brings to you. I'm also built like you. Use a sport bra that has adjusted my upper figure (making me more narrow) and riding much more comfortable. I've also dropped almost 50 lbs in the last year (since Elvis came to me). Riding (correctly) is a lot of work but great exercise! :)