South Carolina

South Carolina

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baby Its Too Damn Cold Outside

  I am not a fragile person by any means. I have lived in new England most of my life with one side track to North Carolina. I have worked outside in all types of weather for an ambulance service in Norwich Ct. My problem is I have now spent 2 years working in the ER and I hate the cold. I have gotten soft. I could walk around with a heavy sweater on out in this crap and not blink an eye. Now I feel like Ralphy's brother in a Christmas Story when I go out. I am so pathetic. I have had enough of winter and want spring to show up yesterday. Riding in this stuff is one thing but when that nasty wind kicks up, no one is happy. I was supposed to go ride today seeing its my last week with the Big Lou, my riding stable is in a valley. If we have a breeze at my house, its a hurricane at the barn. This will be great in summer. With my luck though, there will be no breeze or wind at the barn when it gets hot this coming year.....

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  1. No arguments from me that it's too damn cold out! It's been brutal already this year and we're only in December so I really shudder to think what January and February are going to be like! Ugh!