South Carolina

South Carolina

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year

A New Year is at hand and I find myself thinking about what is in store for me. The weight loss thing is going better. Down 2.4lbs since last week. Bonus! So I now have a grand total to lose of 54lbs. Not an easy task but getting there. Finances are starting to look good to but they could be better. I think I'm going to end up working 12hr shifts 3 days a week to make my 36-40 hours instead of fighting for hours like I do now. I'm tired of having to work 6 days out of my 7 sometimes to make hours. I keep an accountants ledger now to keep the finances in order. I have been using it since July of last year and it works very well for me. I can see what needs to be paid and how the balances are going down. Starting this week I put $38.00 in the can per week and that makes $150.00 a month that I was going to lease with. By July/August I should be able to put $200.00 every other week into it and make my lessons 3 time a week. We will see what happens. Like I said I am going to have to get more hours.

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  1. Just don't work so many hours that you end up not being able to stand yourself - nothing is worth that - nothing!