South Carolina

South Carolina

Friday, December 24, 2010

Leasing vs Buying

I have had a hard choice to make these last couple of days. To lease or to buy. I have leased Louis for a month now. As nice as a horse as he is, him and I don't click. I want to be able to mesh with the horse that I ride. I am not comfortable on him and he is not comfortable with me. Thank god my saddle and girth fit most of the horses on the farm, and that there are other horses that I can try out. I like Louis, don't get me wrong.
 As you all know I am just learning and I am not very confident yet. My lease with Lou got me 2 days of riding him whenever I wanted to . Well since I am not confidant, the lease didn't do me much good. I have decided to take the $150.00 that i would dish out for the lease and put it into my horse fund. I am still taking my lessons but instead of 1hr a week, I am taking 1/2 hour twice a week. I can still go to the farm when I want and spend time there if I wish too. I like it there and when I leave I feel like I just left a therapy session. I smile more these days and my mind stops running a 100mph  for 1/2 an hour. I like that.
 So what type of horse am I going to get. I don't know yet. I like a great many as you can see from previous posts. I thought about a Hanoverian, they are very expensive with the training that I want it to have, a Dutch  Warmblood will be the same problem. I have been told an American warmblood would be good for me. So in keeping with that, I have been looking at Clydesdale's. Cross or purebred doesn't matter to me. Although I would love a purebred. I have found quite a few and some that are even trained in lower level dressage. I have always loved this breed. I have been a fan since I was young.  They are not as expensive as the others and if I I come across one that it trained as I want, then as long as we click then guess who will be filling a stall at the farm. Bigger shoes, bigger saddle.

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