South Carolina

South Carolina

Saturday, May 11, 2013


   In the last few months I have had the pleasure of riding a new horse that I have become bonded with. Beau is one of those horses that you wish you could have and yet never quite find. I have found him. The relationship I had with Reggi was very special. Reggi was my first horse/love. I had never owned before. It was a great year we had. I miss him alot but the pain has subsided. Every once in a while I get a twinge when I talk about him and believe me I talk about him alot but not as much as I use to. Reggi will always have a big part of my heart with him but Beau has filled the void and has brought me great happiness. I love just spending time with him and he always wants my attention. There is something different this time. Its not the child dream come true like when I bought Reggi. This time its a love that has been built during rides and spending the time grooming. He trust me and I trust him not because it was thrust upon us to trust but because it has grown. He is not mine but you wouldn't know that looking at us together.
 I went to the farm today to spend time with him and to put up my new saddle rack. I cant wont ride him right now due to an issue with his front hooves but once the farrier is out to see him we will make a decision as to shoes or no shoes for a while. In the mean time he got a good grooming and his hooves got an application of a nutrient specifically for hoof growth. He also got 2 rather large bags of carrots that he couldn't get enough of.
My mothers day gift from Cody...LOVE IT!!

Beau with one of the kids from spring camp... he is such a love!

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