South Carolina

South Carolina

Sunday, May 19, 2013


So I am a big believer in barefoot horses. I am not a fan of shoes at all unless required for healing or as a temporary fix for a problem. With that said, Beau now has shoes (temporary) on his front hooves. In order for his frog to heal and to level him out until he can have a trim that again will be correct. I'm hoping it will only be a few months. In the mean time if you have never read about barefoot horses, there is a great book by Joe Camp called " Soul of a Horse". I highly recommend this book and also his sequel, " Soul of a Horse Blogged".  The books are extremely informative and entertaining. To prove what he is saying about shoes vs barefoot look at this pic:

The blue leg has the shoe on it. He states that the frog is like a mini pump. When the horse steps down the frog pushes the blood back up the leg.
I think I want to see Beau's legs like the other three...

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