South Carolina

South Carolina

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Welcome To  South Carolina....

   I haven't written here since July due to all sorts of upheavals. Our little family decided that Florida was not for us and moving out of state was a better option. There are quite a few reasons that I wont get into but lets say that this was a good decision.
  We left Florida on Sept. 28th and arrived late in the evening to Sumter South Carolina.  We weren't here an hour and my hubs ended up in the ER with a severe asthma attack. By Sunday night he was admitted and spent a week there. He is doing better and hopefully this wont happen again.
  I had a interview set up for when I got here and  I was hired so that obstacle is complete and its a great job. I have weekends off and paid holidays. I cant beat this job. There is also room to grow there.

  Now onto better things to talk about... I have a home barn now with Potts Performance Horses, LLC. TR is a top instructor in the horse world. I am thrilled to be training under him. I have ridden with him in 2 clinics and have a had a lesson with him in Connecticut when I had Reggi.
My lesson was to evaluate where I am in my skills and he was pleased with how far I have gotten since our first lesson 2 yrs ago. We talked a lot about where I want to go and where I have been, my finances, and what I'm looking for. Reggi came up quite a few times in conversation as did Beau. TR knows what type of horse "personality" I'm looking for. It was a great hour. The only thing that is going to be a pain in the butt is the 2hr 15min ride from home to the barn 2 times a week. Yes that's 1 way. On the other hand it will be worth it just to train with him. I am on the road to happiness. Hopefully next fall I will be purchasing a mushy face to love again. Until then back to my financial goals and my weight goals. I know I have said it before multiple times. I have a lot more ease now to get to my goals. Now things will start to change.

Here are some pics of yesterday...


                                                      Chatting about everything...
                                             Discussing dropping the head and rounding up...

my Ah Ha moment and riding on a loose rein...



  1. Kim, hope hubby continues on the road to recovery. So glad that you have found a great job and a great barn to be affiliated with!

    1. Thanks Maynette...I am very happy with both.