South Carolina

South Carolina

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happiness is...

    I haven't posted due to having nothing to post really. Things are going well. Almost done with my 60 days at work which means I will have insurance again and I will be a real employee. All seems to be well with the living arrangements at this time. Had some kinks to straighten out but all in all its good. Eventually we want to find a bigger house and closer to where I am riding. 
  My new home barn is fantastic!  I go every Saturday for my lesson and Mike and I have decided this will also be date day with breakfast at Cracker Barrel being our first stop. We just have to remember that we cant eat like we did yesterday. Let me tell you that yawning and nausea do not go well together on the back of a trotting horse. All that bouncing is not good on the stomach.
  My lessons have only been for 4 weeks now and the difference between where I was 2 yrs ago and now is immense. I am gaining ground in leaps and bounds. I have "felt" what counter canter is, and when I am posting correctly I don't have to work so hard. I have a great horse to learn on right now and Tennessee is so patient. On the other hand he likes the way we ride together and never fights me. I have more confidence now than I have ever had. In 4 weeks I am cantering a horse that I have only ridden 8 times. I am not afraid of him. I still have reservations about how fast the canter feels and I am still learning how to regulate speed. Next week I will be learning how to steer during a canter since we end up going where Tennessee wants instead of staying on the rail.
 I love my lessons. No matter how much of a 'Drill Sargent" TR becomes, I ask for more and go home with satisfaction instead of frustration. Yes my weight is changing. I am down 8 lbs since staring lessons and have toned up my legs. My abs hurt after riding every time along with my back. I can zip my tall boots without asking for help now too and that is a great feeling. I am eating less that I used to. I am gaining ground there too. 


Tennessee and I during a rest stop yesterday.


  1. Looking Good!!!! Sounds like you've found a great barn.

    I think riding is a wonderful way to lose pounds and I also have been successful in loss since I stepped up my riding. It's so easy - get a good workout having fun riding....and yeah, eat less! :)

  2. So happy you've found a great barn and a great trainer!